The registration is completely electronic and is open until March 14, 2018 or until 200 registrations limit is reached. There will be no registration at the day of the event. The fees are:

 - 31.12.201701.01.2018 - 31.01.201801.02.2018 - 28.02.201801.03.2018 - 14.03.2018
Сам бегач 6 часа / Single runner 6 hours29 лв.34 лв.44 лв.54 лв.
Отбор 2-ма 6 часа / Relay team of 2 6 hours59 лв.69 лв.89 лв.109 лв.
Отбор 3-ма 6 часа / Relay team of 3 6 hours89 лв.104 лв.134 лв.164 лв.

There are a medal and long sleeve t-shirt included in the fee.

Register here.


All races start on 18.3.2018 at 09:00 and end at 15:00. All participants should be at the start at 08:30 for instructions.  On 1.2.2018 will be announced if 12-hours race will be held. In case it will be held, the participants in it will start at 5:00 and the main event will start at 11:00 and all activities related to the main event will shift with 2 hours.

Starting bibs will be given on the days before the race. Location will be specified additionally.


Sofia, South park, the round lawn next to the entrance of the park from Vitosha blvd.

Screenshot 2016-01-23 16.25.11


A closed loop of 648.2m, measured by certified measurer. The route will be marked and parts of it will be fenced, but still it will be open for citizens and the runners should bе careful. The organizers will try to build a starting zone only for the participants.


Individual, teams of two, teams of three


  • The participants compete who will run the most loops for 6/12 hours.
  • The direction of running will be changed every third hour.
  • During the event every participant can run, walk or rest out of the route as the rest is done in the starting zone and he needs to inform the organizers for it.
  • The participant can return to the route after he informs the organizres.
  • Only one participant from teams can be on the route at every moment.
  • The change of participant in teams occurs every second hour (for teams of three) or at the third hour (for the teams of two).
  • At the sixth hour the competition ends and participants can finish the loop they have already started. There will be separate rating for male and female individual participants as well as for teams of two and for teams of three.



The results in Spring360, individually and in relay teams, are based on number of laps. If equal, the time is taken in consideration.


Water, isotonic drinks, fruits and salty snacks


Organizers will try to provide place for bagage but they do not take responsibility for its security