Ninth Edition – Sunday, 20 March 2022, 6:00

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Ninth edition: 20 March 2022, 6:00


What distance can you caover in 2, 3, 6 or… 12 hours?

Spring360 is the first city ultramarathon in Bulgaria and the first race for fixed time. 

In this race the runners compete who will cover most distance in fixed ammount of time on a  649 meter lap in Sofia’s South Park.

We’re celebrating spring since 2014.


Team of three

Make a team of 3 and run 2 hours each. Start at 12 pm.

Team of two

Find a friend and run 3 hours each. Start from 12 PM.

Solo 6 hours

The classic race for ultra runners. Start at 6 AM and finish at noon.

Solo 12 hours

Since 2017 we’ve added longer distance. For serious ultra runners. Start at 6:00 am, finish at 18 PM.


The large meadow in Sofia’s Yuzhen Park helps you see all participants, the route is flat and you can use refreshments every 650 meters.

We can proudly say that this is the ultra race that nobody has ever lost track of the route.


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