Race info

Please read the rules below. Not knowing them might lead to an unhappy race or your disqualification.


On-line with a limit of 200 registrants.


6:00 am for 6 hours and 12 hours solo runners at the Start/Finish Arch

6:00 am for 100K at the 100K designated line

12:00 pm for Relays

All runners must be present at the start line at least 30 minutes prior their start

Start kit distribution will be in the office of Begach Running Club, 85 Hristo and Evlogi Georgievi blvd, Sofia on:

  • Thursday, 17.03.2022 from 12:00 pm till 7:00 pm
  • Friday 18.03.2022 from 9:00 am till 7:00 pm

The Coordinates

Sofia, Yuzhen park, the round meadow from the North entrance.


Enclosed 648.99m certified lap

Racers only exclusive zone

Supporters exclusive zone



12 Hours Individual

6 Hours Individual

100K Individual

6 Hours – Team of Two

6 Hours – Team of Three


  • Winner is the racer with the longest distance for the fixed period of time for 6 Hours and 12 Hours Races;
  • Winner is the competitor with fastest time for 100K Race;
  • Race numbers should be visible at any given time during the race, failure to comply with this rule may result with less distance or disqualification;
  • The race number is a Relay Button for the Team Racers;
  • The directions is reversed every 3rd hour;
  • Participants can run, walk or rest (in the designated area outside the track) during the race;
  • Entering the track is with a prior permission of a Race Official;
  • The rout is closed for non-races;
  • Relay Team must be represented by only the appropriate post at the track. Failing to comply with this rule leads towards automatic disqualification;
  • Relay changes happen in a designated are below the Start/Finish Arch;
  • Ranking:
    • Individual 12 hours man and women
    • Individual 6 hours man and women
    • Individual 100K man and women
    • 6 hours Team of Two man/mixed and all women
    • 6 hours Team of Three man/mixed and all women
  • Voice signal on every hour

Rules for running


At 12:00 pm, 06:00 pm or 100K respectively

6 hours and 12 hours racers laps will count up to last passing though the Start/Finish Arch, unless the racer stops at the Finish Voice Signal and waits for the Race officials to measure additional distance from the arch. Measured distance will be added to the chip counted LAPS x 648.99m

Team distance will be based only on counted laps

In the case two or more racers finish with the same number of laps and there is no additional distance measured, the racer that has crossed the Start/Finish Arch earlier will be ranked higher


Water, isotonic drinks, fruit and crisps.

Baggage care

Organisers will provide baggage care and changing rooms. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES in in your luggage.

Changes in distances and teams

Change of the Race or team member is allowed only once with writing to help@begach.com not later than:

  • Till 21.02.2022 – from 6 hours to 12 hours
  • Till 21.02.2022 – from 12 hours to 6 hours
  • Till 21.02.2022 – Team to individual (only one)
  • Till 06.03.2022 – Team member
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